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We are always hearing stories of how a left handed child is hopeless at school, miles behind with writing, difficulty in sharpening etc.,

To put an end to their struggles we are offering a wide range of stationery products that include - sharpeners , geometry sets and pencil grips

Geometry Set

Spent a lot of time calculating the length of the line or rectangle, because the right -handed scale was never helped you? Well that comes to an end. 

This geometry set, is designed in such a way, that the scaling is done from right to left, helping you draw lines in the natural manner, hence easy to measure as well!! 



Product Specifications

Big Set - Rs. 99/- + Delivery Charges

Small Set - Rs. 15/- +Delivery Charges

Product Code - TLOS40 (Big) , TLOS41 (Small)


Struggled all your life, sharpening a pencil in the in a very weird manner? Not anymore, this sharpener is designed in a way that sharpening comes naturally to you!! Also, give it to your fellow right handers to see how they struggle to sharpen a pencil!

The blade of the sharpener is reversed, so that you can hold the pencil in the left hand and sharpen in the motion that comes naturally to you!


Product Specifications

Price - Rs.28 + Delivery Charges

Color - Blue, Lavender, Pink

Product Code - TLOS37

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