The kitchen causes real problems for a lot of left-handers and can be downright dangerous if you don't have the correct tools! There is no need to avoid basic kitchen activities any more - you can peel, open, cut and slice as well as any right-handers if you use our specially designed tools


The Left Handed Vegetable Knife has the blade scalloped on the right side of the knife for a clean straight cut when used with the left hand.


Product Specifications 

Price -  Rs.499/- + Delivery Charges

Color - Blue + Silver

Product Code - TLOS30


Swivel Peeler

Left handed peelers with reversed blade so you can peel towards you left handed - no more scraped knuckles!


Product Specifications

Price -  Rs.299/- + Delivery Charges

Color - Silver + Black

Product Code - TLOS27

Pastry/ Tart Server

The stainless steel left handed serverhas been made with serrated cutting edge on the right side so it can be used comfortably with the left hand.


Product Specifications

Price -  609/- + Delivery Charges

Color - Stainless Steel

Product Code - TLOS31

T Pattern Cork Screw

Designed to screw in counter-clockwise, the direction which is natural and easy for Left -Handers. Almost impossible for Right - Handers to figure out.


Product Specifications

Price - Rs.239/- + Delivery Charges

Color - Brown and Silver

Product Code - TLOS28

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