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We are always hearing stories of how a left handed child is hopeless at school, miles behind with writing, with the ink stains on their hands and how terrible they are at cutting things out and craft work.

To put an end to their struggles we are offering a wide range of stationery products that include - pencils, pens, scissors , geometry sets and books, helping them enhance their capabilities. 

Ball Point Pens

The problems you face while writing – smudges on the hand, swelling on the tip of the middle finger, and unable to see what you are writing unless you keep the notebook in a weird position. 

Introducing Ball Point Pens
The pen is designed in such a way, that you can see what you write, and it is easier for you to push the pen across the page, thus reducing the pressure on your fingers.


Product Specifications

Price - Rs.130/- + Delivery Charges

Colors - Black and Blue

How to Use

Soft Touch Cartridge Pen


Left handed ink pen with a soft touch feel comes in two pastel colors. The fully left handed iridium nib will write smoothly when pushed across the page with the left hand and is stamped with an "L" so you know its yours!




Product Specifications

Price - Rs. 709 + delivery charges

Colors Available - Turquoise blue and Pink

Ink Cartridges available

How to Use

Geometry Set

Spent a lot of time calculating the length of the line or rectangle, because the right -handed scale was never helped you? Well that comes to an end. 

This geometry set, is designed in such a way, that the scaling is done from right to left, helping you draw lines in the natural manner, hence easy to measure as well!! 



Product Specifications

Big Set - Rs. 99/- + Delivery Charges

Small Set - Rs. 15/- +Delivery Charges

How to Use

Yoro Pencils

The most effective ergonomic pen ever designed, the award-winning Yoropencil overcomes the problems often associated with left-handed writing. The unique design of the Yoropencil makes it perfect for left-handers, since it creates the perfect pen grip, requires far less effort to use, and banishes smudging forever! The triangular soft rubber grip area can be rotated to give you the perfect writing position for your style and grip.

 Pencil comes with 8 spare leads inside plus one in position for writing.


Product Specifications

Price - Rs. 269 + Delivery Charges

Color - Blue

Refills of Pencil Leads available.

How to Use


Struggled all your life, sharpening a pencil in the in a very weird manner? Not anymore, this sharpener is designed in a way that sharpening comes naturally to you!! Also, give it to your fellow right handers to see how they struggle to sharpen a pencil!

The blade of the sharpener is reversed, so that you can hold the pencil in the left hand and sharpen in the motion that comes naturally to you!



Product Specifications

Price - Rs.28 + Delivery Charges

Color - Blue, Lavender, Pink

How to Use

Stabilo Pencils

Left-handed ergonomic grip, the pencils is made in Germany out of wood from sustainable forest culture. The pencils have a left handed grip.







Product Specifications 

Price - Rs.119/- + Delivery Charges

Color - Peacock Green

How to Use

Left Handed Mechanical Pencil

Egronomically designed for left handed people, gives the best grip to use for the optimum posture. Comes with a left handed sharpener exclusively for the leads, replacement leads are available.


Product Specifications

Price - Rs.599/- + Delivery Charges

Color - Pink

How to Use

Roller Ball Pens

The easy start roller ball pen is egronmically designed for left handed people, and is suitable for students. In the U.K. teachers have approved that the use of the pens improves your handwriting. Refills are available.


Product Specifications:

Price: Rs.519/- + Delivery Charges

Colors - Pink and Blue

How to Use

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